Easy self pleated front choli full sleeves net kurti new year special

Here i teach twisted self pleated choli kurti, pleats are twisted as innovation to regular pleats, full sleeves with boarder enhancement on neck, belt, sleeves, bottom designed by Navdeep Kaur
Front panel cutting:

Width: Bust/ 2 + 6" + Margin
Length of choli: 14.5"
Length of lower bottom in case of kurti: Required Full Length - 14.5" (choli length) + 2" (margin)

Cut back panel as you cut normal dress

Front neck cutting:
Width: required width + 6"
Example: required width is 6" + 6" = 12"
Length: 5" or as per your requirement

Fold front choli half  Measure and cut neckline, do shoulder cutting as shown in above video

Make twisted self pleats apply pins, sew pleats on neck and bottom of choli, Make round neck

Sleeves Cutting

sew as per instructions

Designer easy self pleated front choli, full sleeves net kurti new year specialof net cloth if ready :)

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For back neck design:Sew latest Broad pippin back hole with loop button neck design on net cloth | Nia Imagination

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