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What to wear for fat women to look slim

Here I am writing about what to wear for cute & fatty Girls, women, Moms so that they can look slimmer and create eye-catching appearance It has been many times observed that over-size females always face intricate problem in selection of clothes those will be appropriate for their heavy figure and keep maintain their charming exterior appearance मोटे लोग कैसे कपड़े पहने की पतले लगें look slim | for Apple & Pear shape body | in Hindi Fashion is frequently changing phenomena since ages. We instantly entice for new fashion trends and forget old fashions. This sequence never stops. Every woman loves to look gorgeous and appealing with new fashion trends. To look pretty and beautiful first and foremost thing is that women need to understand and appreciate their body. Positive thinking is very important because negative thoughts always wanting something more, you will never be satisfied with what you wear. The second most important thing is to understand your body. Firs

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