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Latest Boat neck Design with strips & Beads

Here I am teaching latest Boat neck design with strips and beads on subscribers demand, this is looking so beautiful Required things: 1 Bookrum 2 Stones/ beads 3 Dress material on which you want to make neck design Measurements: Fold Bookrum half a way Width= 4" + 1" + 1/2" + 1" = 6.5" Length= 1/2" + 4" + 1" + 1/2" + 1" = 7" Cut these necklines keep the broader neckline on Extra cloth & iron it Make strips Width= 2" Now sew as shown in Video You can make handcrafted cloth buttons: help us to meet our expenses  : I Welcome your own suggestions here under comment section Subscribe to Nia Imagination by Email Subscribe niaimagination   Like on Facebook learn stitching Like niaimagination Like Nav Beauty Be active in our daily discussion

Leggings, Jeggings, and Treggings - The Difference? how to loose them !!

Here I am telling all about  Leggings, Jeggings, and Treggings   and ways to loose them  must watch Video For greater insight We started off with the humble churidar made of cotton or silk but with lycra entering into our lives big time, our life actually changed, and for the better. Hindi Video: English Video: When leggings initially entered the Indian market girls would be seen wearing them with the humble kurti. The leggings would offer more comfort whilst being easy to wash and care for. Then came the era when we got flooded with different varieties of these skinny pants and the world went topsy-turvy. I have spotted so many young girls making a huge fashion faux pas in terms of how they style their leggings and that is what brought out this post where I'm going to put forth the basic difference between leggings, jeggings, and treggings. Leggings are tight fitting pants that are usually made from a blend of lycra and spandex with cotton or polyester.

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