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DIY stitch Latest glass shape neck design with use of lace

Here is tutorial of Latest glass shape neck design and how to enhance it with use of laceTake Bookrum or pasting If in total width I require 6" then take 6"+1"= 7" fold half a way now you have 3.5" length wise I want 7" i will keep 1/2" margin above and 1/2" at bottom in total I take 8" length wise Now draw half side of neck design as shown in figure and video sew neckline as taught in above video Now take lace to enhance neckline and stitch on already made neck design Keep checking to learn stitching in easiest way to enhance knowledge to dress designing.

Cold! homemade kadha (काढ़ा) for nausea, headache, cough 100% works

Now there is no need of taking medicine for Cold, nausea, headache as there is homemade recipe of kadha- special grandma nuskha, 100% works Ingredients: 1 1/2 (1.5) cup water 1 inch Ginger (adrak- अदरक) 1 to 2 leaves of Basil (Tulsi- तुलसी) Indian herb 1 Clove (Laung- लोंग) 1 Teaspoon Honey (शहद) Method 1. Take Ginger and mash it with help of grinding stone (सिलबट्टा) or hand masher if you don't have then you can roughly cut it in 4-5 pieces 2. Take a pan add water into it and keep it on gas stove on medium high flame 3. Add mashed Ginger, Basil leaves, Clove into it 4. Let the mixture boil as shown in picture and it will become almost 1 cup or maybe lesser than that 5. Turn off the gas 6. Now keep led on it for 5 minutes 7. Now pour this kadha in a cup, add honey and stir it Kadha is ready Drink it- for child once a day for three days, for adult twice or thrice  a day for three days although you can get results as and when you d

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