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Which sewing machine to buy as per different budget

Which sewing machine to buy as per different budget?? What's the best sewing machine for you? That depends on your skill level and budget. Before buying a sewing machine, assess your needs and skills.  This information is meant to help make shopping for a sewing machine easier. Today's machines can recommend the proper presser foot, determine the right thread tension and stitch length, size and sew a buttonhole, and automatically cut the thread. Watch Video for more insight Note that here I am not offering Sewing Machine ratings at this time. Just for knowledge purpose :) 1) Sewing Machine (Black) TA2 UMBRELLA SQUARE FULL SHUTTLE With Accessories High speed square arm industrial machine for professional use. Balanced rotary hook and spiral bevel gears. Pressure foot can be controlled by hand or by special knee lifter. Quick action lever release. Minimum maintenance for long life. 5 to 30 stitches per 25 mm. 3000 stitches per minute.  

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