10 tricks with toothpaste clear acne, skin whitening, clean silver, remove facial hairs etc

You just need toothpaste. Just brushing your teeth is the only and most important use of it, may be according to you. Toothpaste can work wonders even on skin, if practiced properly. Have a look, Read how you can do this and many other clever tricks with toothpaste..

Acne Treatment
The most popular acne treatment is toothpaste. Yes, this is true that toothpaste can help to effectively shrink acne and fade them in just few days. It also helps to treat black and white heads on the face.

Cleaning Silver Ornaments
Rubbing Silver ornaments with little of toothpaste can help to make them clean and also they would dazzle like never before

Skin Whitening
Before the introduction of skin whitening creams, women used toothpaste to naturally get the whitening effect on the skin. All you need to do is, mix some lemon juice with toothpaste and apply this on the face. Let it dry and wash off with cold water

Removes Facial Hair
The most simple and effective remedy to treat facial hair is using toothpaste. You need to make a paste of toothpaste, lemon and salt which would appear somewhat like a scrub. Now, rub this mixture in the upward direction to remove the facial hair.

Relieves Irritation from Bed Bugs
So, you are on a holiday and unfortunately besides you, there are some bedbugs who want to relish your body. Bed bugs sting can be dangerous and may lead to horrible itching and inflammation on the skin. This may get worse if you have sort of sensitive skin. Applying little toothpaste over the affected area can help reduce the irritation.
Clean Nails Healthy and whiter nails
Teeth are made out of enamel which can be cleansed thoroughly with toothpaste. This ability of toothpaste gives it the potential to clean your nails too. The trick here says – rub some toothpaste on the tip and inner part of nails with the help of separate pair of toothbrush. Scrubbing nails with toothpaste helps to get healthy and whiter nails.

Fades Blemishes
Blemishes are sometimes the unfortunate sign on the face. They can be solely blamed to ruin the looks sometimes. Forget about the various creams that claim to fade the blemish on the face, try toothpaste instead!

For Wrinkles
Did you know toothpaste can help to fade the fine lines and wrinkles on the face? Surprisingly, there are many people who are benefited with this cheap and simple home remedy. You need to apply toothpaste all over face and leave it overnight. Wash off with cold water and pat dry in morning.

For Oily Skin
If you have excessive oil secretion on the face, you can cure this condition with a toothpaste too. You need to make a paste of toothpaste, water and some sugar and apply this on the face every morning. Tooth paste and salt help to control the oil and water helps to naturally hydrate the skin. Repeat this every morning.

Treats Blisters
Sometimes due to skin burns or excessive heat blisters are formed over skin which leads to various other skin problems too. Applying some toothpaste over them and letting them dry helps to treat blisters.


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