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Period awareness Top 10 Period myths not to bother about

TOP 10 PERIOD MYTHS by Navdeep Kaur Lot's of questions arise in our mind when we think about Period (menstrual cycle) Here are answer to those questions and to get ride of myths. If you have any other useful information about period then share here as comment and let us be aware about, we welcome useful suggestions. Myth: Swimming in the ocean on your period will get you eaten by sharks. Okay, I will totally admit that I’m scared to death of sharks. But that has nothing to do with my period and a lot more to do with the movie “Jaws.” There has never been a documented case of a shark attacking a swimmer because she was menstruating. So, go ahead, dive in and have fun. Myth:  You shouldn’t wash your hair during your period. Thank goodness this is a myth, since I can’t imagine giving up my daily shower, especially during my period. There’s no reason for you to change any of your regular grooming and hygiene habits just because you’re having your period. In

sew tircha neck design easy

  Here is assymitric neck design तिरच्चा गला In above video i am teaching in hindi

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