Step by Step measurement & cutting of linning Kurti

Step by Step measurement & cutting of linning Kurti


Cutting linning first 
Measure bottom from another Kurti 
Take 2 panels: Required Width + 2" Margin each
Length of Lining must be 1.5" or 2" lesser than Kurti
Fold it from the side

Measure Shoulder

We call it Cross Back (XB)

Mark its half on cloth as it's folded

14+1" = 15", Mark 7.5"

Mark from top to Bust

For small size: 6.5", Meduim: 7", XL, XXL.. : 7.5" 

Give shape to armhole as shown in the video

Give half an inch down from top toward shoulder

keep the hand at one side and cut smoothly

From top till 7" after margin for Bust (It is Standard)

From top till 14" after margin for Waist (It is Standard)

From top till 21.5" after margin for Hip (As per sample dress)

At the top to 7" Measure Bust width from sample Kurti

Write down on Draft as shown

At the top to 14" Measure Waist width from sample Kurti

Write down on Draft as shown

Chalk opening At top to 21.5" Measure Hip width from sample Kurti

Write down on Draft as shown

Draft the same on Kurti/ suit

add 1.5" margins on sides then cut

After cutting lining will cut main cloth in same manner

As the design on the front panel is in middle

we have to cut front & back separately 

make sure to keep the length of the main cloth correctly

as per requirement: FL + 1/2" Top & 1 to 1.5" bottom turning

Cutting back panel of main cloth first

with the same measurement as lining them Front

It saves our cloth

Before cutting the Front panel make sure to keep

design correctly in the middle

Keep lining on it and cut

Give armhole shape in front panel lining + main both

For small, Meduim: 0.5", XL, XXL: 0.75" 

Now 2 panels of lining & 2 panels of main cloths are cut

Next, I will teach you it's sewing

Keep Watching Stay blessed

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