How to sew Stretch fabrics

Here I am teaching tips and tricks to sew on stretch fabrics on simple basic sewing machine and on designer sewing machine

Stretch fabrics can be T shirt, Hosiery, Lycra, Jersey, stretchable cotton, Ready made garments, Yoga pants and lots more

  • Use ballpoint pins to avoid damaging knit fabric while cutting and sewing.
  • Do not stretch while sewing or resist the feed of your machine by pulling the fabric toward or away from you.

To Stitch on Basic Sewing Machine:

  • WOW its great we are able to sew any type of stretch fabric on simple sewing machine isn't it great!!

To Stitch on designer or white Sewing Machine:

  • Set it on Zig Zag stitch and now sew it as shown in pictures
  • Then make straight stitch as shown in Pictures and Video
  • Yes now we can sew stretch cloths


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