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Bias Tape is awesome thing.  In fact, it’s something that I have used from the very beginning of my sewing projects and is not something to be feared.  In fact, once you understand the stuff, you will LOVE it and start experimenting

Where you can use Bias tapes
Around hems, arm holes, neck lines, to make elastic casings, to finish off openings of any kind, etc.  And it can either be used to add a great POP of detail to your projects or can be attached secretly.

Bias Tape Makers are available in market
But we can make it without them here I provide video on this
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Okay, first of all, WHAT IS BIAS TAPE??

To understand Bias Tape, you need to understand what the word “bias” means.

If you look at a piece of fabric it is in 90° angle, if we fold it diagonal it shows 45° angle it means it is bias line

Now, if you fold your and cut diagonal fold.  And this fold is called the BIAS LINE.  And the BIAS LINE is always a 45° i hope it makes sense..

Okay now we’ll get more into making the bias tape in a second……but I just wanted to be sure you understood what the word BIAS actually meant.

Now let' talk about bias tape

If you’ve ever been to the store and looked around the sewing supplies.. There are also usually several rows of Bias Tape.

Bias Tape comes in SINGLE FOLD and DOUBLE FOLD and in a variety of widths.
But they are limited in colors and you can make this stuff for so much cheaper than the price you pay at the store hence today I am posting about bias tapes

Why Bias Tape???

Well, if you pull your fabric across the BIAS, if actually has some stretch to it.  See!!

But if you just pull the fabric across the regular, vertical or horizontal it won’t really stretch at all.

And because Bias Tape has some stretch, it curves easily around curved edges of fabric
In my next post i will teach you how to apply Bias Tape


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