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T shirt into bread balloon top no sew niaimagination

Here i am teaching how to turn normal t-shirt into Bread Balloon top without stitching anything
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You Require:
Any T-shirt with full sleeves
Designed by Navdeep Kaur
My style statement is cool smiling and cheerful wearing charming, comfortable cloths which makes me feel comfort in all scenario As fashion designer blogger I post my makings and admires others to try the same here in above blog I shown positive and attractive side of mine and taught to make balloon top out of old T shirt. I always share my own creations, DIYs which makes me special sets me apart from others

Alter readymate warm kurtis 2 methods for winters

Here i am teaching how to alter warm kurti winter special- 2 Methods
1st Method: Simple kurti altration
2nd Method: Kurti with wide X-back, shoulders, shoulders are to cut and alter attaching sleeves, altering sleeves and sides

Method to alter is shown in video

गर्म कुर्ती को alter कैसे करें 2 methods to alter warm kurti

Full sleeves of net with boarder easiest method

Here I am teaching how to sew full sleeves in easiest way

Required measurement:

Full length of sleeves

Required With of sleeves:
2 width= Bust/2

Required length= Full length + 2"

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Easy self pleated front choli full sleeves net kurti new year special

Here i teach twisted self pleated choli kurti, pleats are twisted as innovation to regular pleats, full sleeves with boarder enhancement on neck, belt, sleeves, bottom designed by Navdeep Kaur

beauty link

Front panel cutting:

Width: Bust/ 2 + 6" + Margin Length of choli: 14.5" Length of lower bottom in case of kurti: Required Full Length - 14.5" (choli length) + 2" (margin)
Cut back panel as you cut normal dress

Front neck cutting: Width: required width + 6" Example: required width is 6" + 6" = 12" Length: 5" or as per your requirement

Fold front choli half  Measure and cut neckline, do shoulder cutting as shown in above video
Make twisted self pleats apply pins, sew pleats on neck and bottom of choli, Make round neck

Sleeves Cutting

sew as per instructions


10 tricks with toothpaste clear acne, skin whitening, clean silver, remove facial hairs etc

You just need toothpaste. Just brushing your teeth is the only and most important use of it, may be according to you. Toothpaste can work wonders even on skin, if practiced properly. Have a look, Read how you can do this and many other clever tricks with toothpaste..

Acne Treatment The most popular acne treatment is toothpaste. Yes, this is true that toothpaste can help to effectively shrink acne and fade them in just few days. It also helps to treat black and white heads on the face.

Cleaning Silver Ornaments Rubbing Silver ornaments with little of toothpaste can help to make them clean and also they would dazzle like never before

Skin Whitening Before the introduction of skin whitening creams, women used toothpaste to naturally get the whitening effect on the skin. All you need to do is, mix some lemon juice with toothpaste and apply this on the face. Let it dry and wash off with cold water
Removes Facial Hair The most simple and effective remedy to treat facial hair is using toothpaste. Yo…

Basic Parts of Sewing Machine and their Functions

Basic Parts of Sewing Machine and their Functions

The basic structure of sewing machineis the same whether it is hand-operated sewing, treadle sewing machine or electric sewingmachine. The basic parts of sewing are listed below and seen in Figs.
If You want viseo tutorial then you can ask here under comment section

1. Spool pin:It is fitted on top of the arm to hold the reel.

2. Thread guide:It holds the thread in position from the spool tothe needle.

3. Tension disc:The two concave discs put together with the convexsides facing each other. The thread passes between the two. Thetension of the thread is adjusted by a spring and nut whichincreases or decreases pressure

4. Take up lever:It is a lever fitted to the body of the arm. Its upand down motion feeds the thread to the needleand tightens theloop formed by the shuttle.

12 DIY Choker necklaces,Shoulder bracelet new year special no sew

Here are 12 choker necklaces, and Shoulder bracelet specially for New year eve there is no need to sew, Happy New Year in advance, hope you will use these amazing ideas to make 12 choker necklaces and shoulder bracelet for new year eve and show your bright side to your friends and all
These ideas are really very affordable for all

Required material:
Optional Accessories like hanging, buttons, hook, tic button etc...

Method to make as shown in above video

DIY Santa cap and bag Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas friends, Here i am teaching how to sew Santa cap and Santa bag with any waste cloth

Total Required cloth:  ½ meter For Santa cap: Red Cloth Length: 15”

Red Cloth Width: 11” after folding triangular White Length: 24” White width: 3” Frill: length: 8”,  Width: 3”
For Santa Bag: Any length and width of remaining cloth 1 Ribbon length: 40”

Method to stitch: as shown in above video

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