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How to sew Half Jacket of net cloth with frills and loop

Here is tutorial on Half Jacket of net cloth that you can wear with any outfit such as kurti, suit, top etc.

here i attach frills on front and neck and loop to tie knot but yes you can sew this without loop as well
can carry this Jacket to make any outfit more trendy and eye catching
designed by Navdeep Kaur
Method to sew is as shown in above video

How to sew full sleaves with suit, dress, kurta measure, cut, stitch

Long sleeves or we can call it three fourth sleeves are always in fashion

Required measurements
Sleeve length
Sleeve bottom

Method to Sew sleeves is as shown in above video

Next post will be on how to sew Half Jacket of net cloth

DIY sew party frock gawn dress with fusion boat neck, belt, pleats

Here is party dress gawn having fusion boat neck design with diamond and matka, I attach belt on waist and apply pleats designed by Navdeep Kaur
Required measurements:
Full length
Neck length

Required cloth is two length of full length Required + 3" margin Standard measurements
X back: 15"
Top to Bust: 7"
Top to waist: 14"
Belt length: 3"
Method to stitch is as shown in above video
Next video will be on how to sew full sleeves or quarter sleeves with any dress
Sew easy top with designer hollow sleeves using bias pippin

I welcome your own suggestions here in comment section

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Sew latest fusion boat neck with matka shape, broad pipin

Sew latest fusion of boat neck with diamond cut shape and broad pipin

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