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Dandruff free hairs- coconut oil and lemon

To get rid of Dandruff all you need are coconut oil and lemon 1 Take half cup coconut oil and warm it
2 Take lemon juice of half lemon
3 Mix warm coconut oil and lemon juice
4 Apply on hairs for half an hour
5 Now Wash your hairs and shampoo
You can use this twice a week and get Dandruff free hairs

How to loose weight in just 5 days with coriander lemon juice

Here i am share amazing juice that you can have in morning and any time in a day and can loose weight

Ingredients are
Cilantro, coriander or dhaniya (what ever you call it)- 50 grams or half bunch
4 glass water
One lemon
Mixer or juicer Method
Take coriander clean it
Put it in juicer, add little water and grind it
Now squeeze lemon into mixture
Add 4 glass normal water
Grind it again to get smooth juice How to take
Take 1 or 2 glass of juice in morning empty stomach
Rest of it when you can have during day Keep watching
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how to straighten hairs naturally, without heat and chemical, get damage free hairs

Why we go for rebounding, ironing or any chemical treatment if we can straighten hairs at home that too naturally without any chemical and get Smooth, straight, Silky hairs

lets make hair mask and change our look
We usually make steamed rice at home and waste the water stock out of it
This rice water stock works as magic for hairs to heal hair damage

1 Comb your hairs
2 Take rice water stock in a bowl
3 Apply it on hairs from root to tips with help of your fingers or hair brush keep your hairs straight
4 keep this for half n hour
5 Now wash your hairs with warm water
now apply any hair serum
6 Comb your hairs straight
Finally you got smooth, silky, straight hairs
How to prepare rice water: Take some organic rice and boil it in distilled waterPour the excess water in a glass jarCover it and store it in the refrigeratorOnce cooled, you can use it for different purposes
Apply this hair mask once a weakCan hold your hairs with wet towel while applied mask for half n hourkeep checking www.niaimagin…

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