Domestic mental violence plz help me to get ride off its urgent

Hello friends I (Navdeep Kaur, Delhi) know till now I am sharing my videos to teach stitching, beauty, lectures etc.
But today its hard time that I am sharing my domestic problem from which I am suffering since marriage hope you suggest good and help me to get ride of it. As this could happen with any one but be active before marriage that you can figure this out and not get into other's net.
I got married on 20th sep 2015 with Vikram Singh Khurmi, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, in their family there is, Vikram Singh, Father in-law Arvinder Singh, Mother in-law Vaneet Kaur;  Sister in-law Simran Kaur and dadiji ( lives in Delhi, Dwarka, taya ji, Gurnam Singh )

My biggest problem:
My mother in-law always keep tone-ting me, insulting me in front of any one, on any shops etc..
Always having a question in mind: do I say something or ask something in front of any one if yes whether my mother in-law insult me in front of people there..  she do these all things and at end she says it was my prank, i was just kidding, dilpe mat liya kr.
Before my marriage they asked us to come in market to buy cloths, there they were showing me saree, my mother in-law said squeezing her teeth and rolling saree on me " agar nhi pahanegi na to lapet dungi tujhe isse hi" at that time shopkeeper advice "aap isko itna dra rhe ho vo kaise choose karegi, krne wale to bahut kuch lekar dete hain aap usse itna suna rhe ho ", father in-law said hum faltu kharch nahi krte...  i guess if i would deny at that time only then all these things could not happened with me.....
On that day only they asked shopkeeper for chunni, he shown 3 to 4 varieties there in shop mother in-law and sis in-law chose one having least price, even then till today whenever i bring that chunni out or mother in-law see that chunni, always says sonia chose costly chunni although i didn't ask for any thing that day..

Wrong informations given at time of marriage, i will discuss here under. plz read all til end

She speaks loud and play with her hands and eyes use any thing she have in hand to torch like knife , hot towel (पोना) to cook, and i get scared at that time, they harass me emotionally.

Full day keep saying something to me or my father in-law and mostly I remain in tension and having headache..

Never give me answer to question which i ask and say what happened, 'Albert Pinto ko gussa kyu arha hai",  "Sonia is absent minded"

Always toned me for money as her regular habit, example: in mall we go to get home grocery, at the end when we came home she says Sonia (my nick name) you bought things for Rs. 800, and doing  weird actions says give me Rs. 800 although we already paid the bill.

Once more we went to jagran in our society there I didn't asked for anything but she said Sonia you can buy any Mangal sutra or necklace from here, I asked my husband to choose one he chose necklace and I said okay mummy ji I want this, to sales women she said in loud voice, in insulting way and taking my phone that "give me this and take her phone as we don't have money, take her phone as we don't have money repetitively" ..

Never reply me correctly example: "I asked her about her marriage anniversary date, she said its 17, its 18 ask your husband, no my mother in-law (dadiji) always remember its 18 and wishes me"
But in reality it was on 17th I was newly married that time and was not aware about this nature and didn't try to ask anyone else
On 18th of same month it was my brother's birthday, just to wish my parents in-law I planned to celebrate my brothers' birthday on 17 with my husband and come in law's home to wish them on 18th, my father in-law turned his mood off as I was not there to wish them on 17th, although I call them to wish as I got to know on WhatsApp family group, but he didn't pick my call.
Mostly my Husband and mother in-law call me by cheap names like: Bandari Kaur, Chotu, machardani, Chor etc..
My husband see these all n aware about her nature keep watching crying in front of him, mother in-law, sister in-law but do nothing.

Once my husband took me out in car with full planning, it was 10 pm (night) while coming back, he stops car in alone place, and asked "Sonia i was having Rs. 10000 in my wallets in morning, where is my money, you stolen it, tell me, get out of car, call your father"  he tried to take me out from car, he could leave me out of car but i was aware about alone place and felt danger so i didn't keep my step out of car and said i didn't even touch your wallet, he said tell me to whom you gave that money, call your father right now for almost 15 minutes of arguments he started laughing and said oh i was kidding i gave that money to my workers in morning i was just watching what you can do.

They can leave me anywhere at any time
Once I, my sister in-law, mother in-law went to market, while coming back we were waiting for auto, suddenly a car came someone known of my mother in-law, he asked for lift, she said okay, but my sister in-law said its not good to take lift as papa don't like this man, even i said no, but she sit on front seat and i and sister in-law sit on back seat. Mother in-law said She is Vicky's wife Sonia, he said "Hi Sonia i bought a saree for you from kolkata you come to my home i will give you your gift" and mother in-law asked me not to say any thing at home. later i explained all to my husband.

There are certain things she cook tasty when ever I ask her to teach me, or I stand there to learn while she is cooking, she keep me off the kitchen and says you can never cook it and go I will bring it..
Mostly tone me for Milk, Ghee, Vegetables
Example:She says papa (Father in-law) and beti (me) drinks all milk, Sonia ask your father to bring Caw or buffalo,
Once there was some problem in my throat, Doctor says now a days oil is not good, go for desi ghee and avoid oil in meal, i didn't say anything to her, my husband said to use ghee she said: do you know how much it costs its for Rs. 500....     make issue of such small things
once i was eating dinner i took alloo methi in my plate and a chapatti, watching my plate she said loudly you took more aloo (potato), it will be finished repetitively for 4-5 time, at that time i was not able to eat meal, i started crying in front of her, my husband..
Once she was making chapatti and i was serving during that she applied hot kitchen pona on my left chicks, i said mummyji its hot, but she said to my sis in-law "isse itna bhi sehen nhi hota" she cant bear this much.. and once more touch hot pona on my face, it was realy hot...
She can do anything with me in kitchen..

She usually shows large knife to vegetable seller and says i will not pay for this or i will pay less then you say, i am like that only, once i was keeping some vegetable on table the knife she was showing to seller hurts me on my figure, there was a lady with seller she ask me to come, i went to her, she asked me in her language " iska budau hai" i said what? she asked "Iska mard hai" (whether your mother in-law have husband) i replied yes he is at home, then asked whether he earn, i afred and not replied any more came back with my mother in-law.

Mother in-law jb knife dikhate to unko apne upper hosh nhi rehta, bada wala knife shop se utha kr bahut fast ghumate h, teeth meech kr gol, gol ghumate huye dhamkate hai vegetable seller ki neck pr rkhke, jo mujhe bhi lag chukka hai, maine apne husband ko bhi same day ghr akar btaya tha, ye kuch nhi bole.
When i cry my Father in-law says, "aisi kya affat a gayi hai ki ro rahe ho, tu mar to nhi jayegi, mari to nahi"
When ever we go for shopping, when i try to buy any thing for me my mother in-law and sister in-law says there is no need to buy as you have every thing but they get similar things for them selves..

Once my masi did our first roti (invites on dinner), my mother hugs my mother in-law, said didiji, yesterday (5Nov) it was your birthday happy birthday, mother in-law (pushing her back) piche jor se dhakelte hue,  mere mummy girte girte bache, said chal hut, mera birthday kal thodi tha birthday to kal hai (7Nov).
I Explained this to my husband he said, kyu teri mummy Kotak bank mein lagi hai jo unko ek din phle wish krna yaad a gya, that day i came to know that they registered wrong date of birth in kotak bank account (6Nov).
My masi gave sagun to all Rs. 1100 to me and my husband, 500 to father in-law, 500 to mother in-law each, Rs. 200 to sis in-law, chocolate tray, pack of toffes: suit, baby boy toy to me, lipstick, nail color, bindi to me; shirt, pant to my husband: supari suit to father in-law; bed sheet to mother in-law. when we came home everyone- my husband, mother in-law, father in-law throws that toy one by one, and said why they gave us toys we dont need them, my sis in law said they dint gave me any thing just Rs.200, Rs 200, Rs 200
my husband said they just did time pass with us as they did dinner... your masi gave us diwali gifts which they got on Diwali from someone else...  these things hurts me that how they think about my family.

Till 15th december 2016 i didnt tell anything to my parents, now i came here in my parents home DElhi and shared my problem with them and sharing here with you people, please help me out to get off out of this problem.

They never gave me enough freedom to stay without any worry here in my parents home,i never able to think about these things which were happening with me since marriage date..

Wrong information given at time of marriage
We asked them about their home and factory whether they are your own, is there any loan
they replied: no everything is their own, there is no loan. but now i came to know that home, factory, car etc are on loan that too very big amount.
Basic home fan,2 ACs, coolers were bought on credit..
They ask me to talk on behalf of Vaneet Kaur (Mother in-law) with HDFC bank Representative to leave interest amount and we will pay only initial instalments, now they paid that reduced amount

We wanted Sikh Family for marriage my father in-law, every time he came our home tied turban, we never had in our mind to inspect about this but when i got married, just next morning of my first night my father in-law came in my room without turban and shaved hairs, said Sonia look this is my real getup. i was newly married girl was not aware about what to do, and didn't say any thing to my parents so that they will not come in tension as they spent a lot of money on my marriage. i think that was my biggest mistake.. my father in-law was wearing turban 5 months before marriage and 3 months after marriage till Diwali and took all first-first festivals from my parents including cash and cloths. After that when my parents visited at my in-law home, father in-law said this is my real getup without turban and having hairs cut.. My father felt it like fraud done by them, but he said now i am like this only without turban, and firstly makes excuses of having funsi on his head, now they says his hand is not working and not goes up to tie turban..

I and my parents family is vegetarian were aware of being non vegetarian of my parents in-law family we had previous talk about this and yes my husband leaves non veg for me, but when i seen my mother in-law drinking alcohol after 6 months of marriage i got shocked but even then i never argue her and never ask her no to drink. she drinks as same or i can say even more than men..
she usually asks me to drink and eat meat although they know i will not as clarified well before marriage

For in-law's basic expenses they have current account overdraft facility and pays 19.5% interest on each and every expense they do, it means if i but a 5 rupee pen even then i have to pay 19.5% interest on it.
Just after a week of marriage my husband comment to me now i have seen every thing, now you can say any thing to your father he cant do anything... at that time i shared nothing to anyone just to keep my parents and my ijjat "इज़्ज़त",.. 
My husband said when ever you get pregnant i will leave you in your parents home, even that hurts me as they are not able to take any responsibility. My mother in-law said to my mother “hmare time pe to Rs5000 se 10000 m maternity ka kharch ho jata tha ab to Rs. 50000, 80000, 100000 lag jate hai” who will pay that amount, My husband said ki apne daddy ko boldo ki hum bacha krlege paal vo lenge, main nhi pakdunga bucha, mother in-law said ki humne apne buche palliye hai, ab iska bucha hoga to ye khud hi palegi, main nhi pkdungi, Its straight meaning is to bring all money from your parents to upbring a child.
In starting they all says that I am on trial for 6 months, as government job is also not permanent for 6 months, for six months they keep saying these words- If it was just trial had i did marriage or something else plz tell me friends..
They usually torch me to do job, my mother in-law says “maine apne time pe kama ke apne bacho ko khilaya hai, ab tum khud kamao or kharch karo”. Before marriage i cleared to everyone that i will not do job.

While Mother in-law was washing clothes she said “ghar se nikal jao ya apne papa ko call lgao ki aakr lejaye tujhe” 
When first time after marriage we came at my home(Delhi) my husband said keep smiling do not say anything in front of your family otherwise your father gets disturb and will not be happy.. at that time also father in-law was wearing a turban
When we went for our Honeymoon to Goa my husband keep me out of balcony close the door and went to bed alone, for 10 minutes i was thinking that what to do, then he opened the door, he usually closes me in Bathroom, car.
In Goa he took my nude pick after applying chocolate on my face, i said plz don't take pick, but he said whenever i want to blackmail you i will show this pick, he mail.that pick on his IDs and discuss about the same with his Dimpi Bhabhi Tayaji’s daughter in-law, said i have her very ugly pick in which she is looking chudhel, at that time i asked him it was our personal time in Goa why are you discussing it with anyone...

As in our culture we wear chuda in hands, there was ritual to change it, while changing chuda, my husband gave me sagun for me, and i was already having sagun for my sis in-law, he went for some work out, my mother in-law said in insulting manner simi (sis in-law) Vicky gave money for you Sonia is hiding that ask her to give your sagun first then change the chuda, i said mummy ji i have sagun for simi in my purse don't worry, but she didn't stop, at that time there were many relatives sitting there i felt very low..

Plz suggest me what do i do as i am going through mental stress, full day my mother in-law keeps eye on me and tone me for one thing or other many time i asked her to stay happy and to keep our relation like mom daughter but after some time again she starts all these...
Share this post every where like whatsapp, facebook etc.. so that more people can help me to suggest..
Its urgent ..
Recently when both families met at Pragati maidan my father in-law was not wearing turban as he used-to before and after marriage, my father said if you want to come at our home then u should wear turban as we have some reputation in our street, otherwise outside any where it’s okay (as they lie us with their turban getup before marriage). At that time my husband ran his car in speed and attitude.
my husband said: Tere daddy ne bola pagdi pehne bina mat aana humara ghar... Nahi aye Na ghar pe fir b jate time bakwas karni jaruri thi..

12/12/16, 11:21 PM - Vikram: Apna bolna h apni karni h bas.. (copied from whatsapp)
Now he asked me to come home but with restrictions: 12/15/16, 8:44 PM - Vikram: Last relaxation
Tuesday ajaunga 20ko jyada kahegi to Tuesday ko delhi rok k Wednesday ko 21 ko subha tere daddy k ghar pe hote hue ajaynge...
Ab m itna kar raha hu to ab  bhi  aap 25pe he atkogey to fir jid h apki...
Ispe b ni mante to fir aap apni marzi karo m b apni Karunga...
He said “agar tu abhi nhi ayi to tu apni marji kar rhi h abhi, uske baad m apni marji krunga fir tujhe acha nhi lagega, ye last offer hai bus uske baad to fir khatam hi ho gya sab fir to 25 ahi gyi”

Main thing is they don't do my or my parents respect, i never get respect of daughter in-law

My all Gold Jewellery,including khandani nath of gold, dresses, things gave my parents on marriage like bed, washing machine, fridge, utensils, Gas stove, containers; dressing table, latest sewing machine are there in in-laws home
My father gave medium size fridge on marriage but after marriage, in-laws sell it and bought big fridge on Company’s name- AKS Packaging India
My father did all expense on marriage like banquet, Gurudwara, even paid boy's side Gurudwara fee, gave Gold ring to all family members like Boy, father, mother, sister in-law, Dadiji's ring, Gold Kada to boy
They took dress of boy from my father, even i wore my own dress they didn't gave anything
My father did great marriage every one there was happy seeing all arrangements..
Whenever i tried to talk my husband to share my problem, to discuss with him, he do nothing just go to bed and keep his face other side to sleep.
When Modi ji demonetised notes My Husband said today i am going to search someone to deal, we will give gold jewellery of Rs. 500000 and take Rs. 10 lakh for old cash from someone, we will get benefit of  Rs 5 lakh, as we can deposit Rs. 10Lakh in company account, but i refused at that time as i said “same gold ke designs baar baar nhi bante as parents ne di hai , nishani hai unki, inko nahi bechna “ He asked ki teri mummy ka gold hai unke pass abhi tk, tujhe business smuj ni ata ki kaise paise se paise badh skta hai, humare pass cash hoga to hum jada gold bnwalenge baad m, then i shown pics of my mother’s marriage gold in my phone as evidence,..

Now they are doing emotional blackmail, 1 ½ years tak saha hai maine, i can’t bear any more..

Please help me as soon possible to come at correct decision
Navdeep kaur


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